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Monday, July 7th, 2008

Right now the rain is coming down gently outside and there's a rainbow over O'Brien State Park. There's still an occasional flash of lightning though, as if in memorial to the storm that's already swooped past us and over the river toward Wisconsin.

I suppose we might've sat in the eye of a storm all day today. It was a beautiful sunny day, with only hints of clouds on the horizon What makes me wonder is that yesterday the storm came across the river toward us (although it just missed us) but today on its way over us it's going across the river the other way.

Nate and I were playing tennis at the courts over by the Swedish garden museum and cemetary in Scandia. We rode our bikes over as the thunderheads were building on the horizons, but it was still sunny. After three matches (and Nate won all three!... barely, but he still won) we had to cut the fourth short and take off on our bikes back toward home.

We rode down the main rode on the way there (which doesn't mean you see any cars, just that you're more likely to pass a car during the ten minute ride.) so we decided to take the other route by the lake back. As we pedaled we could see the grey clouds building and moving toward us, as well as the green mist covered horizon that told us the rain was coming down.

Thunder in the clouds not so far away, and flashes in the distance were like a train whistle warning everyone the storm was coming. We pedaled at a good pace, but I was secretly hoping we'd have to race the storm home.

When we got to the turn off to our street out by the lake, we stopped and watched the storm coming. It took about a minute, and then all of a sudden the calm lake's mirror surface turned into a stormy grey sea as the raindrops traveled across it - that's when we took off pedaling!

As we raced each other, well, actually, the storm, down the driveway we could see a dark wet line travel along it chasing after us. Then we felt large wet raindrops landing on our arms and heard them bounce off our helmets as they scouted ahead of the storm. Then right ahead was the driveway. As we both cut hard left the dark line became a blur around us as raindrops pounded down, bouncing off the driveway and soaking the lawn.They were soaking us too, but as Nate swung his bike under the garage overhang, I jumped up on the porch carrying the bike up with me. Safe.

Nate hit the button to open the garage door, and then we rolled our bikes on in, just as dad was coming out to take the truck out to find us. Guess even once you've grown up not much changes. We weren't about to come in out of the rain, at least, not until it was actually raining on top of us.


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