August 25, 2006

I've arrived safely at college and am having a blast meeting back up with all my friends. It's great having Rachel here now! We ate dinner tonight together before heading down to the "Welcome back Bonanza" on the intramural field.

The plane flight out was a quite exciting. We flew out of a thunderstorm in Minneapolis with the lightning putting on a light show to both our right and left. It was farther off to the right, which was the side my window seat was on so I didn't get to see quite the show of those on the left. The lighting didn't stop though and you see it going from cloud to cloud almost non-stop as well as see the flashes from strikes all around. My first thought when we started to see the flashes was that our jet lights were really bright to be reflecting that bright and far away - then I realized that the light was actually coming from the clouds themselves, not us.

I'm moved into my dorm room, halfway. I've got everything I need for a couple days here thanks to my cousin Brian who picked me up from the airport last night - depsite the plane delay in MSP airport which put us back an hour and a half so we didn't get in till 2:30am on Friday. Sun Country has great rates though, probably cause though the only time they fly to LAX is at midnight! (which is actually a great time to travel cause it's usually less crowded and street traffic is generally non existant for those picking you up. Of course, once agian, that's because it's midnight - when most people are in bed or at least thinking about being in bed.)

Tomorrow morning I'll be playing ultimate frisbee with my buddies down on the intramural field before brunch, so it would probably be a good idea to get some sleep now.

I've got some fun stories to tell from moving, and once I get my photo library transferred over to one of my new and much needed 200 gig hard drives (courtesy of my dad) I'm planning on adding many photos to the photography section (and properly titling the galleries so pictures of people and rocks aren't listed under the title 'sea birds'.)

(Make sure you update those hosue construction photos Hannah : )



August 19, 2006

Welcome to college Rachel! This update is for you on your first day in the college dorms. I'm guessing you don't have your computer set up with internet yet - but when you get this, congratulations!

Let's get to the important matters - the status of Elanore Rose. Ellie is in fine condition and is currently enjoying a small pile of Timothy Hay before she retires for tonight. She is staying in Hannah's bedroom and I do not believe she is quite aware of just how spoiled she is.

Her three traveling companions are in fact sleeping outside, although I believe they do quite enjoy it there in the fresh summer air, especially as there is not a skeeter in site. Amazing how simple it is to make your yard skeeter free. You by a bottle of Mosquito-B-gon attach that bottle to your hose and spray the lawn. It lasts for weeks.

Nate and I discovered just how well it works when we went mosquito hunting with our new electric raquet around dusk. Not a skeeter in site till we opened the front door, and there inside the stairwell was a skeeter so, in protection of hannah of course, we took the necessary action and zapped it with our battery powered electric raquet (recently purchased from the Mall Of America). Batteries make no difference - that thing really crisps your bugs well done!

So back to Ellie. Here's a couple pictures - one of her mobile homes new location and one of her proudly greeting the camera for you from the door to her simple but cozy abode. (She felt much more comfortable once hannah placed a sheet over her cage.)

picture of Ellie's house - josh Wheeler

Picture of Ellie - josh Wheeler

Here's a couple shots of the Angora's house in construction. (It has a nice shade tarp over it now and they have their carriers in with them. They've been sleeping in them at night and sometimes during the day. They enjoy redecorating with them (especially Poppy who get hers pulled right up to her food and water after she's in it... and Sammy, who likes to lay with his head poking out so he can look around... and Pippin too, who doesn't always care whether his is upside down, right side up or somewhere in between). Of course, they all enjoy sitting on top of them and seem to find that just as usefull as sitting inside.

Picture of Nate Building the Bunny house - Josh Wheeler

Nate busy constructing the bunnies new fort. Dad made sure they were high off the ground and with the shade tarp and their carriers turned bunny houses they look like they're in their own little fortress.

Picture of the almost finished bunny hosue -  Josh Wheeler

Here are the happy new tenants!

Dear little Elanore Rose - josh Wheeler

One more shot of cute little Ellie.

We'll say hi to Ellie for you. Hi from us (and Ellie, Poppy, Sammy and one very messy but very happy Pippin.)



August 17, 2006

For updates on the house construction check - The Wheeler Family Website. I'll be writing some in my journal too - soon. But for now I've uploaded plenty of photos of my family's house construction as well as some of the beautiful scenery out here in Minnesota at our our wheeler family website -


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