November 20th, 2006
(Actual posted Dec 1st... cause I forgot)

The snow scene for Christmas Concerts is back from Mammoth filming - and most exciting of all Jason and Christin are now engaged! (Two good friends of mine.) It's such a great story that I have to tell just a little of it - although if you want the whole story I'll have to see if Christin's posted it anywhere.
Obviously there's a good deal of planning that goes into all this... but that's Jason's part of the story... and as I mentioned, I can't really tell Christin's part of the story. So you'll have to be content with the angle on the story of a camera guy. (huh huh, get it... angle, camera, huh huh uhhhh... ) maybe my focus was a little off in that last joke (suppressed laughter, well - not really).
Actually, let me tell the whole story of this weekend. Actually - here's a couple pictures... I'll tell the story tomorrow. Or, no pictures yet...




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