Thursday, June 29th

Well, it's been a while since I last updated, and a lot has happened since then. So much has happened since May and I'll try and give a quick run through, so here we go...

I'm in Minnesota right now with my dad and brother. We drove from California through Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa and into this gorgious green state filled with lakes. The drive through Colorado was especially amazing. My most exciting driving leg of the trip was cruising along a Utah 75 mile per hour interstate from 2 to 5 in the morning. There was no one on the road for miles, the interstate was empty aside from an occasional rig heading along the other direction. So fun.

The scenery through Colorado was amazing, towering mountains with pines and rivers - even snow at almost road level! Some of the most beautiful land in the US in my opinion. Thoses cliffs and river canyons, and then run a steam train through that... just beautiful.

I'll be posting more about our new property later, some on our family website -, with pictures of our property and the wonderful towns just a bike ride away. Brick buildings, old saw mills, lakes and creeks everywhere, a river a mile away and a state park in our back yard. I've got a lot of pictures to take and upload!

Westview's website is finished - please visit it at - Westview Bible Church, Imperial Beach CA. They'll be uploading some of Pastor Carey's sermons soon too!

I'm also editing the pictures from Joel and Rachel's wedding right now so for those waiting I'll have some shots from the wedding up on a site soon for their friends.

I'll write more about Minnesota tomorrow... and post some pictures!

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