March 22, 2006

I'm sitting in my Theology II class right now as I write this update (we're on break, I promise). I finished working on a lapel sticker for Randy Lundy, a good friend of mine who's running for ASB President. We're going to pass them out before chapel on monday. If I put up a website for him I'll be sure and include the link here.

There has long been a lack of content on the writing page, and I plan on changing that soon. I suppose I could include some of my school essays. : ) I'll spare you the research papers of course, unless you want to learn more about Gershwin's life by reading a fifteen page report for Music History. Some poetry would be nice too.

With the house on the market my family is preparing for our move to Minnesota. You can be in prayer that God will bring along the right buyer for our house and that we can have a powerful testimony to those involved in the process.

Westview Bible Church's new website design will be up soon so be watching Right now Pastor Carey is filling in the content and adding his artistic touch to the website. I really like the way he uses text in a website. I tend to just write black text all the same size, but he really knows hos to bring out certain words with different styles of text.

Well, my class has started back up.

March 8, 2006

Well, it's been awhile since I last wrote. The White Fields website is now up though! (That's where I was putting most of my time spent on web stuff.) You can visit it at

Today my pals and I are auditioning for Spring Sing - the school talent show. Hopefully they'll have a piano in the room we audition in... it looks like they're using the science and mathematics center.

There should be some new photos soon, maybe by Friday or so. Spring Break is coming up as well so look for some more additions or new websites.

Time to go for a run.


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