May 14th, 2006

So Finals are over and school is over for the summer... kind of. Except for my friends who still have Directed Studies to finish. I'm one of that group actually. One test and one presentation left for Critical Thinking. I should be able to finish that in a day, maybe tomorrow - or maybe tuesday, well, I really should get some rest... I'll give it a couple of weeks... just kidding. I'm planning on finishing the course work up on tuesday and then taking the test and giving the presentation on friday.

Home for the sumer of course, except for when I'm somewhere else. You prayers that our house will sell are much appreciated. God's timing is perfect of course, but it's still hard to wait. We have so much to rejoice about and so many blessings though...

I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful mother. We had a wonderful time today celebrating mother's day. Every day should be mother's day though because of how much mom does and cares for us kids. I love you mom.


May 6th, 2006

The weather was really nice today. I worked on a little Critical Thinking after brunch and then grabbed some dinner. Then I practiced voice and went for a bike ride before videotaping Dr. Pang's faculty recital. It's about 10:00pm right now but I might get one more section of Critical Thinking done before I go to sleep and then head off to Grace tomorrow.

5 more days till last final...


May 5th, 2006

The actual class part of the school year is over. Now it's just down to work for final's week. Here's my final's schedule

8:00am - Diction for Singers
4:44pm - Voice Juries (4:15 practice)

10:15am - Pedagogy final

6:30 - Theology II Exam

1:00-3:00pm - Music History Exam
7:00pm - Spring Concert

Watch Hookwinked!

I'm also working on finishing Directed Studies Critical Thinking. I have two tests, one homework section, and a presentation left. I'm putting the finishing touches on my jury pieces (i.e. I'm still memorizing a couple : ) I should do fine, but I've had some rather interesting performances lately. I actually improved the whole last page of a piece during vocal practicum thursday. No one - except Dr. Jones and those who'd sung it before knew, until I started laughing during the piano ending. Oh well... I should've picked a piece I was solid on - It's always more exciting this way though!

Paul and Katharyn's Recital was tonight. They did a great job. Paul and I performed "The Singer and the Accompanist", with even more jokes than before. It was great.

One week left - then summer (oh yes - visit if you haven't yet, and if you have, well, why not do it again?

Oh yes - the results for our chorale elections were announced thursday and I was chosen as chorale Vice President. I'm very excited about the many opportunities I'll have for service next year with the chorale. The Vice President is considered to be the Social Coordinator (which will mean alot more than planning parties to me). I'm looking forward to being able to make the logistics behind chorale run smoother and being able to encourage members of chorale through everything from a card from the chorale when their sick or a visit in the hospital to coordinating meals for the chorale when we're getting on the road early. As well, if another officer is missing I'll be standing in for their responsibilities. The leadership for chorale next year is the same five I voted for. I think we'll make a great team and I'm really looking forward to working with everyone.

P.S. - The rumors have been confirmed - the Chorale will be going to Carnegie next year! Dr. Plew has been invited to conduct the Master work that will be performed by collegiate choirs from around the nation. As well, the chorale will be performing the prelude to the concert. Tour is going to be great next year! (But that's a little while off. : )

Time to think about word problems.

May 2nd, 2006

Tonight was our last full chorale concert. We have one more concert left next thursday. I'm excited to be getting close to the end of the semester, but I'm going to miss chorale. Dr. Brandestein has been a wonderful conductor. He's stretched the chorale musically by having us sing some challenging music, such as the Bach Motet and Bruckner's "Christus Factus Est" but has been the source of many fun times as well. I'm excited to have Dr. Plew back next year, but Dr. Brandenstein was a more than worthy conductor to take his place for a semester. He's been so kind and generous towards the chorale, even having us over to his house twice for a BBQ! (And might I add that Amy his wife is a wonderful cook!) What a wonderful semester we've had!

My bible study teacher's wife had her baby (this goes back a few updates). He was born on April 18th (Thanks for reminding me to post an update mom : ) and was 7 lbs 13 ounces and 21 long - with a full head of hair. His name is Andrew Timothy Zaman.

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