"Orchestra Concert"
Tuesday, November 7th

Just wanted to post some pictures of Rachel playing in the Orchestra concert during Prelude.


The concert went very well. I also debuted my new piano & vocal arrangment of James Slaviero's piece - "Christmas Isn't Complete" at our composition recital yesterday.

It went well. I posted a video of it on the music page, but there's a password. Once the arrangments completed and polished there may be another video/recording up here without one. Just email me for the password if you're a friend who'd like to watch the video.

- Josh

"J.W. phone home"
Sunday, November 12th

Although life right now is very busy God is faithful to provide me with just enough time. It's amazing how much I look forward to my classes and studies when I have so much else going on. Today was very difficult after church this morning - I found out that basically no one is interested in doing video for Christmas concerts. Last year I took it upon myself to go find a crew and set everything up - but my hope had been that people within that major, Comm, would step up into leadership positions.

News of this came right before I was planning on heading down to the Computer Lab to write an important piece of music. I still tried but the ideas that had been so fresh were gone and replaced by ever growing depression. Suddenly nothing seemed possible, nothing was going to work, and everything was falling apart.

I phoned home, just needing to talk with my family. For some people I guess the busier they are the less they call home - but not for me. Being able to call my dad has often been a beautiful picture of the relationship I have with my Heavenly Father. He is always there waiting to hear my heart. And there's no dropped calls either. Of course, not all phone calls home are for me, but this one was because I needed someone to talk to. And there were only two people who would work right now - Dad or Mom.

My mom picked up the phone much to my comfort and I can hardly describe how wonderful it is to hear about one's brother and sister and what worship at church was like and how youth group will be tonight when you're over more than a thirty hour drive away. Then mom gave wonderful advice and told me what I needed to do was set my work aside and go for a run. So I did. I left the music and drove back up to my room. I closed my eyes for a while and rested. Then I spent some time in prayer and then just decided that yes, I would leave everything and go run.

It was a wonderful day, the kind that makes for a beautiful run. Depression and the weight of having so much to do, and now an added burden kept trying to take over my mind, but slowly I was able to focus on the glory of God's creation and the even greater glory of God's grace. The cares chorus came to my mind and voice and God moved my heart to recognize that I could indeed cast all my cares upon Him for he cares for me.

Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"

2 Corinthians 4:7, "But we have this treasure in earthen vessels that the excellence of the power may be of God and not us."

Relief did not come suddenly, but rather like a slow sunrise - when the light begins to grow after the darkness of night which had seemed to come so suddenly - like when you have been planning a wonderful run or bike ride but try to finish your work first and then step out the door and suddenly realize it is dark and the day is gone. That horrible depression of sudden darkness slowly began to turn to a grey as the sunrise of trust began to dawn. Then suddenly the sun of faith peeked above the horizon and worship filled my heart.

Now it is time for bed. What better time to lift up in prayer those who have deeper cares than I. My aunt Karen has been diognosed with Melanoma cancer. Your prayers for her and my uncle Sterling and cousings Ryan, Amber, Allene and Neil, would be greatly appreciated. This is a hard time for them and one in which they need faith - yet these times are often the most rewarding as it is through the testing of our faith that it becomes refined. The more our faith is tested the purer and more joy we find in Christ rather than in life. There are so many other people, and so many greater things in life than my trivial problems. So much more to bring to God in prayerful worship as I acknowledge that He is in control.



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