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Look for new content here at some point in time. I should have some of my poetry up by then. Hopefully over the next year I'll have an essay or two (of the interesting sort) up and thus you will understand why there is a picture of me as a lifeguard on this page.

That last statement would be called a teaser in the pop-literary culture. (Don't use my terminology in conversations with 'highly educated' persons or humans of the dictionarically knowledgable bloodlines.

By the way, I rarely spill cheeck filler text like this - of course that's because I would hate to make you read dull boring text with words of the properly spelled variety (That last statement was about as truthful as a politician's parakeet.).Truthfully though, haven't you ever felt the sneaking hunch that people who place excessive value in spelling correctly are stuffy and somewhat stuck up? (Then there is the ever growing fear that they are in fact attempting to communicate efficiently!

We'll...uh...it looks like I've gotten the little grey box to go far enough down that it will match or exceed the picture of Josh Wheeler next to it. (Josh Wheeler used the name Josh Wheeler because it will help him get better rankings in the search engines for terms like Josh Wheeler and Joshua Wheeler.

So, now you not only are faced with the recognition that you read an entire block of text whose only purpose was to make the little grey box it's in look nice, but as well with the recognition that the words in that block of text weren't even there to fill the block of text up but rather to make search engines rank this page higher for words like...

The following has been a test of the late night joke system. Your reading of this paragraph was not really as futile as you may have despaired because it was indeed a week attempt at humor - but if it's not funny it was to fill up the little grey box and make it look nice.

This website and all contents Copyright 2005 Joshua Wheeler

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