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Voice Lessons

Singing is often considered the easiest form of musical expression. While it does come naturally to many, singing is much more complex than it seems. Everyone can benefit from vocal lessons and within the first year of vocal instruction often the most drastic changes are seen. I start with the basics - proper breathing, posture, and tone placement.

These basics are the same for every style and genre of singing be it classical, gospel, pop or country. Learning to "sing from your diaphragm" is key to keeping a voice beautiful. As a vocal instructor I am a very observant and picky perfectionist. However, I work on a level basis and focus on more basic problems before moving on to the more complex. Often fixing a basic problem will solve several others.

Most of all I want my students to enjoy singing - and to enjoy singing in front of others. I strongly encourage my students to join a choir.

What age is a good age to start?

I stronly encourage parents to start young children in piano before voice lessons. The skills and background training piano provides are a valuable foundation for all musicians. I also encourage all parents to enroll their child in a reputable choir that is dedicated teaching them musical skills. When it comes to beginning voice lessons the situation is unique for each child, so please email or call me as I would love to discuss if I feel your child is ready.

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